*waves* Hello there!

My name is Charlotte. I’m twenty-something and Belgian.
My native language is Flemish, but I also speak some French (improving since I work in a bilingual environment) and, of course, English.

Since a couple of years I’ve been interested in Japanese popular culture. I mean to look up more about the non-popular culture as well, but hélas, there are just too little hours a day for all the things I want to do 😉 .
Anywho, my Japan-obsession started with drama’s (too addictive), got expanded to music (très seductive), manga (very entertaining) and the language over the months/years following my first acquaintance. About the latter – the Japanese language – I’ve started following an evening course Japanese in September 2009.

My interest in the Japanese popular culture is what eventually lead me to finally start something I wanted to learn for ages: Crochet.
In July 2009 I saw a book on amigurumi and those little crocheted animals were just too kawaii to not want to learn how to make them ;). I started learning how to crochet through various YouTube videos and not soon after my first amigurumi was born.

And that’s what this blog is/will be all about: amigurumi and my other crochet exploits.
This blog has a predecessor, a free site hosted by Awardspace, but it looks like that ship has sailed, burned and sunk. That’s why I decided to try again, this time on WordPress. The username is not that difficult to figure out: my name is Charlotte and I will write mostly about my amigurumis 😛 .

Enjoy your stay and don’t hesitate to leave me a message!

    • Enci
    • October 25th, 2011


    I’m Enikő from Hungary. I’ve faoun ypur blog just in the days, but i was sooooo happy, when i saw, that your favouire animal is the elephant too. I love them so much, that i can’t tell:D If you could send me your email adress i can show you some hand-made elefant, and them pattern’s too:)


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