Hello all,

For a while now this blog has been abandoned for a newer (shinier) blog, which you can find at my own hosted site

Unfortunately, at the present this blog is only written in my native language, Dutch. You could try and follow using translator-bots like Google-translate. I know this often gives rather incomprehensible translations, but for now this is the most I can do. Blogging in two languages takes a lot of time. Time I don’t have at the moment. Should I notice there is a lot of interest of non-Dutch speakers to read my blog, I might be persuaded to look for another solution 🙂 , but for now it’s only Dutch.

For those interested in the few crochet patterns I have available, these are always available in English as well. Just go to this page.

If any of you would have a question, suggestion or message, you can either leave a message to this post or use the contact form on my site here to contact me directly!

Thank you for reading!


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